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 Overlays can be a solution when replacing old concrete is not cost efective, or will result in damaging the surroundings area.
  Overlay toppings can be apllied at thicknesses of 1/4 inch or less yet result in an extremely durable, asthetically pleasing surface.

   The main factors affecting the cost of overlayed are appiled thickiness and type of coloring method used ( such as integral coloring, broadcast pigments, stains, or dyes).  The total cost of installation will also be higher if you are using stencils, stamping mats, or decorative saw cutting, to pattern the surface.

Knock-down finish
  A knock down texture isone of the most popular finish for a spray appiled toppings. To produce this finish, instalers typically use a towel right after  spraying application to "knock down the high spots" left behind from the sprayer, leaving a slightly textured surface. 

Stamped textures
 With stampable overlays the stamping mats and texturing skins produce patternes and textures that can mimic materials such as stone, brick, or slate.
 Texturing skins produce a seemless texture with no grout lines while mats produce a deeper pattern with well defined lines. On many projects the two are  combined such as using textured skins for steps or accent boarders and stamping mats for a adjacent walk or patio. 

  Or, smooth finished micro topping can provde nice blank canvas for decorative staining. 

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