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Acid stain

   Acid stains are sometimes called reactive stains.  They react with different metals in the acid and chemicaly change color of the concrete as it oxidizes.  This is the reason why only certain colors are avalible with acid stains, mostly earthy colors giving a rich modled old world look.
    The effects of the stain can be some what unpredictable.  There are many variables (concrete mix design, porosity, finishing, curing, and unseen stains)   that can affect the end results of the color.    

    Sometimes when troubled concrete is suspected an overlay can provide a blank canvas for more predictable staining.



   As a safe rule of thumb, expect the unexpected with reactive stains.  Not a bad thing, just be prepared.
   If a more predictable uniform results are desirerd an acetone dye or water base stain maybe desired. 

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